Friday, January 23, 2015

KwikSew 3988: Yoga pants

More gym pants!

Kwik Sew 3988
I made view B with the legs shortened to just under my knee.

I'm not really sure what to say about this pattern - I am happy with the end product but the pattern itself was kind of weirdly drafted and the instructions were littered with spelling mistakes......

So the good things are: I like the way the waistband is constructed, it feels firm when done and I like the addition of elastic to the seam to stabilise it. I also like the design elements of the 2 piece waistband and the topstitching. I like how the waistband is finished and I like the shape of the legs.

The bad things are: Terrible crotch shape, the front barely has a curve. Here's a photo of the front pattern piece - the black lines are the original pattern and the red lines are my changes;

The back isn't much better either

Agreeably I normally have to add to the inner leg seam but the sizing is way off too. Going by the measurement chart the size XL should have been too small (I'm 39" waist and the XL is for a 37" waist) but I took about 7" from the waist measurement and it now fits me fine. I really should have started with a medium and added to the inner leg length but a Medium is meant to be for a 29" waist....

The fabric is from the clearance table at spotlight - its a cotton spandex and isn't too bad a quality, nice and stretchy with good recovery and even though its quite thin its not clingy or shiny.

So a bit of a mixed review, I will be making it again since I've adjusted it now but I wouldn't recommend it unless you are happy to make a muslin and do some fitting. Honestly if you are looking for a good yoga pant I would say the Style Arc becky yoga pant is miles better.


  1. These look great on you! You got a perfect fit and length.

  2. I made these a really long time ago and remember having very similar issues. I agree that the Becki is a much better pattern!

  3. Holy crap those are some crazy changes- they fit so well now they are worth it! I'm going to check our the Becky's. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Wow, what made them not bother adding any crotch curve in that front piece?! That's insane. Glad you made it work for you though.

    Do you have one pants sloper, or do you have multiple slopers for knit/woven/etc.?

  5. Its wonderful that you knew what to do to alter that pattern, being that it was so oddly/poorly drafting. Perhaps write the company about the errors, drafting issues, etc.? Most companies appreciate customer feedback because they want to constantly improve and keep a happy and fluid/growing customer base.
    Also they are often appreciative in the form of additional products and discounts.
    For all the issues you had they look right comfortable and great for exercising, lounging and general hanging-about. :)