Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sewaholic 1201: Kitty cat version

This jumper makes me so happy! I found this fleece fabric in Spotlight on a day trip to Warrnambool, its been sitting on my sewing desk for a few weeks now while I've been thinking about it. I had ideas of a hoodie or a peacoat but seeing Bobbin and Baste's top helped me simplify and make a basic jumper.

I've made the Renfrew top before but I wanted a lot more ease in this top so its a sz16 at the shoulders and graded out to approximately a 22-24 from the armholes down, plus added an extra 1" to upper arm width and did a 1" FBA which I eased into the side seam.
I made a muslin out of stash fleece and wore it around yesterday and then also added 2" to the length, forward shoulder of 1", lowered the neckline by 1" and dropped the armhole down by 1".

The pocket is a patch pocket traced from a hoodie I have.

I twin-needled the neck band and wristbands.

Insides are all overlocked.

The hem band could be a little tighter, I haven't worked with ribbing before and didn't realise how tight it needs to be sewn on.
I need more jumpers like this, its the perfect weekend top especially with the weather we've been having, plus it has cats on it!


  1. I love it. Wish they had that fabric in the US. Love your blog.

  2. Love that fabric!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love that fabric! Perfect for a weekend cosy jumper :) Looks great!

  4. OMG how adorable!! Also gotta say ... those jeans you're wearing are very flattering.

    1. Thanks Debbie, the jeans are a vogue 8774 and sewaholic thurlow pants frankenpattern blogged about here;

  5. You win the internet today! I'm now off to look for some cat fabric to blatantly copy you :)

  6. I love the cat fabric paired with your jumper pattern. It is the nicest cat fabric I have ever seen.
    Kathy C

  7. That is just brilliant! Great fabric for a super winter's jumper ... J

  8. Love it! Spotlight seems to have improved a bit lately thank goodness. You have given me inspiration :)

  9. Very cute and it looks so warm and cosy for this wintery weather we have been having.

  10. Omg SO WILD! Haha I love it, it's so funky and funny and just plain fun! :D