Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Melbourne Social Sewing trip

Also known as the stashbuilding exercise (because of course, the one thing I need is more fabric.......Ha!)
It was a great day, big thanks to Kat for organising it and driving me around the city. I got a huge kick out of recognising patterns walking around (a few Tiramisus, a hollyburn and a Surreau!), plus matching voices to faces and meeting some other sewists (especially anyone who can get a Simpsons Frogurt reference!). It was a huge day though and I was absolutely knackered by the end of it, the heat, a thumping headache and my usual ability to stress myself to pieces over new experiences/meeting people/new places means I was pretty haggard by the time we finished!
Got some great fabric though and discovered some new shops, I really loved Rathdowne Fabrics, GJ's Discount fabric, Darn cheap and the Alannah Hill outlet. I love the ones full of fabric rolls or remnant bins that you have to dig through to find a gem, the fancier ones intimidate the hell out of me quite honestly, not really sure what that says about me.......lol!
New fabric - Kitten approved!

The greys - bengalene from Alannah Hill (pants), stretch wool blend suiting from GJ's (more pants) and a pleated knit from Darn cheap (Renfrew)

Lace from Alannah Hill (eventually a lace macaron) and some Black ponte (skirt and jacket), Purpley knit from The Fabrc Store (I loved everyones Tiramisu dresses enough to give it another go out of the purple knit) and a linen/cotton blend from Darn Cheap (pants).

Denim!! Left is a remnant from GJ's discount fabric (jacket) and the right is Bettina Liano denim from Rathdowne Fabrics (topstitched Jeans) its got a beautiful weight to it and just a touch of stretch.

The prints - out of all of the fabric I think I love the cat print the most! Its been earmarked for a Banksia Blouse for my daughter. That and the stripes are from the Alannah Hill outlet (Renfrew again with a grey ribbing for the bands and maybe a front zipper). The dots are a Viscose from Darn Cheap for a Lekala wrap blouse.

We got home on Staurday night then I spent Sunday and Monday helping a friend move houses so all I've done is wash and fondle my fabric, I am just itching to start sewing it all up now!


  1. Great fabrics - beautiful kitten.

  2. You are more than welcome! I loved spending time with you and I'm glad you didn't think my driving was too bad.
    I have to say I'm not intimidated by the pricer stores but I'm less likely to make/cut the fabric as I get scared.
    If no one has told you - you're absolutely lovely IRL. Thank you again for the quilt. :)

  3. So many wonderful additions to your stash! I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who bought metres and metres (although I did do it all in one store). It was so lovely to meet you and admire your Macaron top in real life - it's just as gorgeous as you are!

  4. This post is super epic- that's good.
    Though we both didn't get to eat froyo- that's bad.
    Such awesome fabric finds and it was so rad to meet you!!! Alannah Hill fabrics were so worth the wait :)

  5. Hi there! Saw your pin on the Sewing map and love your dressmaking skills! You've got a new follower!