Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rag Quilt: Moda Coquette

After a big run of wadders lately (a skirt, couple of tops, a dress, kids boxer shorts and another MakeBra........) I needed a palette cleanser so made this little cot/lap quilt.

Its a rag quilt made from this tutorial. If you've ever had any interest in making a quilt this would be a fantastic one for a beginner. No binding, no hand sewing and you quilt as you go so there is no basting and no free motion quilting.

I used a charm pack from Moda's Coquette line which was not enough fabric so there's some plain and spotted fabric added that I had in my stash. The colours remind me of cupcake sprinkles :)
The back loveheart wasn't planned ahead, I just ran out of the raspberry backing fabric and had to make do!

Its turned out so soft and cuddly that my daughters put in an order and I want one in the lounge room too!


  1. Ohh these is so cute and bright.. It's lovely

  2. Suzy - you have wadders too!!!! Who would have thought??

    Another lovely quilt. Very cheerful looking.

  3. When you started off saying you had a pile of wadders, I thought you had chopped them all up to make this beautiful quilt! Don't know where the MakeBra was hidden, though.
    I can see why your daughter has put in an order for one of these. It is lovely to look at, and practical as well - double bonus!!!

  4. The colours are like lollies - it looks good enough to eat! I though what Judith thought about the wadders :)

  5. I'm gearing up for quilt sewing - never done it - so thanks for this link and a fab quilt too.