Friday, December 14, 2012

Colette 1001 Macaron: Christmas dress

I've been loving reading about the Christmas dresses everyone has planned and decided to make one too. I'm still in love with this pattern - I've worn my first version heaps and have been itching to make another one.

Same adjustments as last time - size 12 knit yoke and sz 18 dress with the eclair bodice. I also took a tuck about 1cm out across the bustline as I had some excess on the last version, plus took a wedge out at the lower back to straighten up the hem line.

Fabric is sateen from Spotlight again, this is one of the very few fabrics in my stash that wasn't on clearance, lol, shows how much I love it! I still have about one metre of it left but not sure what I can use it for yet. Knit is an interlock from Lincraft.

I had another Macaron wadder before this one, used a knit that just wasn't stretchy enough, I can't stress enough with this pattern to use the exact same type of knit that you muslin with!

I wore this out tonight for my daughters graduation from year 7 and got asked where I bought it from *grin*, very happy!
I've got a crazy couple of weeks coming up, my works christmas show, street party with my Mum, dinner with the inlaws, christmas lunch bbq with my Dad so this dress will have a few more outings yet!

I took some family pics tonight at the same time and they crack me up. Heres classic family pic

and then the real family pic with the kids being ninja's, lol! We all go to Karate though so I suppose there is some excuse!


  1. Great dress - fabo fabric too. What a great compliment to be asked where you bought it. Great family pics too.

  2. This is awesome! I love the print and the knit yoke- looks lovely. Ninja kids- too rad!

  3. haha - love the family shots! Almost as much as I love the bodice topstitching and neckline finishing pic - looks amazing! Do you use a different machine for that neckline finish?
    I'm not half surprised you got that sateen - it's pretty freakin awesome. And there's nothing better than a compliment like that from an unsuspecting person! Gorgeous Dress :)

    1. Same machine on the topstiching with a ball point needle, I only have the one decent sewing machine but I have been considering buying a new one for quilting (the old machine I use for free motion only runs in reverse with the feed dogs up, plus its as loud as hell, like earplug loud!)
      I'm still smiling about the compliment and the fabric really does looks so much better in real life!

  4. GORgeous!!!! I LOVE the fabric, I can totally see paying full price for that! Awesome that you got asked where you bought it!
    Family pic is great!

  5. Super dress, yet again! You are really rolling out the outfits of late. Great family photo - your kids are certainly growing up quickly...J

  6. Stunning.. I got inspired to try the macaroon in knit fabric... The choice of your is so pretty...

  7. I am so bummed that I didn't buy that sateen at Spotlight when it was in stock - it's absolutely smokin' fabulous. Love it Suzy. Great Christmas dress!

  8. Its a pattern i've considered buying (thought it might be nice with a lace yoke) but no matter how many times I read it I can't figure out how to adjust a princes seamed garment.

  9. This dress looks great on you and looks comfy too. I love the colours in the print fabric as well :)

  10. Your Christmas dress is just gorgeous - love your choice of fabrics and the colours look wonderful on you.

  11. Okay, after seeing dozens of makes of this pattern, THIS is the dress that makes me think I might need a Macaron. I'm in absolute love with the fabric, your finishing is stellar, and you just look gorgeous!

  12. Oh my, love it! I have a skirt in that fabric. Excellent fabric matching. I've got this pattern but can't quite get the fabric matching right.