Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Victory Pattern 1002: Hacked Ava dress

This poor pattern doesn't really resemble the original Ava dress anymore! I needed a dress with a zipper for the morning of my friends wedding and wanted a comfy knit one so that's how this dress idea was born. I wanted it different enough from my last version too which is why I changed the back and added sleeves.

Fabric: Blue spandex knit from Spotlight and a mixture of bias binding on the waistband and some black knit for the neckline and sleeve binding. The lace is a remnant from Clear It.

Same as last time;
Size 14
Added 1" FBA
Changed darts into princess seams
Added the waistband.
Dropped the neckline by 1"
Sewed the side seams last and took it in by 1/2" each side.
Made the length somewhere in between the short and long length.
Added pockets from the Burda dress I last made.

Plus - morphed the back pattern pieces into one then added the lace cut-out.
Added sleeves

The sleeves were a bit of a fiddle - I forgot to add extra seam allowances onto the armscye so there is some slight pulling at the front. I do like the shape of them though - they are based a bit on the Colette macaron sleeves except I just hacked at the sleeve until I liked the shape!

There is some slight hitching at the front - having the knit as the bodice top instead of lace made it sit slightly higher and really needs 1/2" or so added to the bodice length.

I like how the bias binding highlights the interesting seamlines on this pattern and I really love the lace - I still have a reasonable amount left so expect to see it again!


  1. You make fantastic dresses. I love how you can just modify a pattern exactly as you want to get a perfectly fitted garment! This dress is awesome, and I love the lace at the back.

    Your little assistant there is pretty darn cute too. :D

  2. I love this! I've been thinking about doing some bias piping on a dress for the longest time and I really need to get on that. I also love the lace back - it's a great way to add interest to the back without it just being low cut, which makes me personally feel too exposed.

  3. Very pretty. Love your creative changes to the back.

  4. Your dress looks fabulous, I love the addition of the black bias and lace.

  5. very pretty and that color looks fantastic on you.

  6. The piping and lace are such great added details. It's gorgeous!