Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ginger Jeans: Pull-on version

I've been loving all the ginger jean variations and really liked Gillian's article about turning them into pull on jeans with an elastic waistband.

Same adjustments as last time.

I used bengaline from Spotlight and sewed them up the same as normal, the bengaline doesn't actually have as much stretch as my last denim pair so I let the side seams out through the thighs and hips. I'd taken out a side seam wedge last time too and it was a bit much so the pants feel a little twisted, I'm halving it for next time.

In Gillians tutorial she says to add extra length so the waistband hits at the natural waist. Really take notice of this because I didn't originally and they looked like wrinkle city. Once I unpicked it and added a new waistband with an extra 2" in height they are not trying to creep upwards anymore and are sitting a lot better!

I added rivets in an attempt to look more jeany (is that even a word?)

I really like them with my Simplicity 2446 blazer (and its how I'd normally wear them)

They were a fun experiment, I'd definitely make more but I'd double check the stretch next time and add some fitting allowance because these are a tad tight!


  1. Wheee! I'm glad they worked out. I like how in the bengaline they are halfway between jeans and work trousers. Do you find that fabric ok in hot weather?

    1. Hi Gillian, for some reason bengaline doesn't worry me in hot weather, I wear 3/4 pants out of bengaline to work allthrough summer but we do have an air con. It doesn't breath but it feels cooler than wearing jeans for some reason.

  2. These turned out so cute, and I love them with the blazer!

  3. So cool that you were able to adapt the pattern! I like them with the blazer too!

  4. Great jeans adaptation. I would call the rivet addition 'jeansey'. Karen

  5. great modification. I think they look very good and RTW - meaning that as a compliment :)

  6. Great adaption! I like the rivets. :) They really do polish off the jeans look, eh?

  7. I think these are your best jeans yet! The fit wonderfully.

  8. Your pants are great! Thanks for sharing the link to Gillian's tutorial, she did a great job.

  9. Love this idea! I can imagine the comfort (when you get the stretch level right ;) ) They look great!

  10. I just found your blog! And am amazed at the fit. I have the Jalie jeans pattern but haven't made it up. Must check out the Ginger jeans. Slot of people seem to be making these.

  11. In the pictures these do not look a bit tight! (I realize that comfort and honesty were your goal but, if you had not said they were tight, no one would know!)

  12. I'm loving your gingers Suzy!!
    Thanks for posting your resources. I will probably be looking back to your posts for reference on construction. :)
    I've been afraid of jeans for some reason...
    I got everything I need and a couple of projects on the queue, but I'll add this to my list.