Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Style Arc: Sailor Sue Palazzo Ponte pants

I've made this pattern a few times now (bengaline version here, and a few unblogged about pairs in Ponte). I love the ponte versions, they are my go to work pants but the cheaper ponte does seem to pill up really fast. This ponte is from Rathdowne Fabrics, it has a light diagonal stripe through it and is soft as butter while still being medium weight. It will be interesting to see how it wears.

As much as I love a pull-on pant I do miss pockets so this pair has a zippered pocket in the front. I put the zipper in facing the opposite way that I wanted but it doesn't worry me as much as I thought when wearing them.
To make the zipper pocket I made a window using interfacing (place right sides together of fabric and interfacing, stitch the window, slit and pull the interfacing through and then iron the interfacing into place), topstitched in the zipper and then topstitched the actual pocket which means there is only a single layer of material for the pocket instead of the usual two so it sits nice and smooth.

I have a few wrinkles across the front in these, The waistband has loosened off with wearing so they are sitting lower than they should and pooling at the front. I've been trying to avoid unpicking the waistband (I hate unpicking serging!) but I might have to stop avoiding it and do it!


  1. Clever idea with the pocket! Did you draft a wider waistband for the pattern? I thought this pattern had a narrow elastic at the waist when I made it, but I love your wide waistband.

    1. Hi Andrea, yep I should have said I changed the waistband - I cut it lower and used a folded over yoga-type waistband, I just find it more comfy than the standard elastic one.

  2. Beautiful pants, Suzy. I need to make myself some of those for work. They look really comfy, too.

  3. I really like these on you. The zippered pocket is a great idea. I may have to copy you the next time I make these!

  4. They fit so well! I really must get over my fear of trousers and make some...

  5. I like these! And I really like that you've added a zipper pocket!

  6. I love all things Style Arc and have made Sailor Sue a few times, but putting in that pocket was a genius addition!

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