Thursday, August 8, 2013

Geekly Chic triangle quilt

I have been hoarding this fabric range for a few months now, its one of my favourites for when I want to go all Gollum by stroking my stash and calling it my pretties.......
I finally caved and decided to make my daughter a quilt. I let her pick the design and the contrasting fabric and binding.
The main are from the Geekly Chic range and I bought them from The contrast is from Lincraft's quilting cotton, in Lilac and binding is from the stash.

It turned out to be a reasonable size quilt, 175cmx220cm. It fits really well on her king-single bed with a decent overhang. I like doing half square triangles, they go together really quickly and you get to see a nice big piece of the fabric. The only downfall of hst is if you are using a directional print which is why I decided to do them facing side to side rather than up and down, makes it a little less obvious that half are facing the opposite direction.
I pieced her name in the back, using the Refrigerator Magnets pattern again but I sized it up by nearly double to get it to fit the size of the back.

Its quilted all over in a stipple pattern using polyester thread. I have been having constant trouble with thread breakage, skipped stitches and tension troubles until I switched over from cotton thread. I read a great post about free motion quilting with poly thread and was a revolution, my machine has never run this smooth and its really sped up the process, took about 1.5hrs to quilt this entire quilt! I'm still using cotton thread to piece with so I can iron my seams open without it melting the thread. 


  1. the quilt is lovely, I just made a purple quilt for my daughter too, but Ive yet to venture into free motion quilting, thanks for the link will look it up.

  2. This is an awesome post. That colour looks amazing.
    Thank you so much.