Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Simplicity 2345 Top and Jeans Contest

So, this is the third time I've made this top and its kind of a fail! I used a rib knit that I got from and it's not quite as stretchy as the last material I used plus it has pretty much zero recovery. I cut the hem off once already because it stretched out when sewing and it still looks wavy now. I had to add about 1" to the sides and scoop the armholes out more but it still feels too tight in the armholes, probably because I used bias binding to finish the arms and it just doesn't give as much as the main material.

I have more of this fabric in a grey and I think I'll make a cowl neck Renfrew from it, I think having bands to finish the hems might be the only way to control the waviness.

Jeans Contest

A big motivator to make my last pair of jeans (which I'm wearing here!) was to enter them into the Jeans contest at I kind of waffled back and forth about entering for the last couple of weeks before finally deciding to go for it on the last day!

So if you are a member please have a look and have a vote, there are some really nice jeans over there!


  1. Great jeans again. Shame the top didn't work out - looks great on you though.

  2. You really nailed these jeans. They look great on you and the finish is spot on. Good luck with the competition.

  3. You know you got my vote o the jeans!!! Cute outfit x

  4. Suze- you are queen of pants. That is all.
    (ps you have my vote!)

  5. Nice jeans Suzi! I love the elastic idea in the last post too. When I get onto mine, I'll try to remember to do what you did.

  6. Those are very cool jeans! Much nicer than my attempts :) I voted for you - good luck!

  7. Great jeans! The fit is very flattering and I love the pocket detail.
    making jeans is so much fun, isn't it?