Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sewaholic 1302: Tofino pants with pockets!

These ones are for my daughter, they're a sz12 with the front crotch scooped out and the hem shortened by 4". The material is flannelette from spotlight and some red quilting cotton I had that matched the flannel pretty close.

I added pockets to the pants (tutorial coming tomorrow!) perfect size for phone/ipod when you're lounging around on the weekend.

I learnt something when I made my pair, you don't need the elastic that tight, the tie works a bit like a drawstring so you can get away with the elastic a lot looser than you might normally.

Anyway they turned out really cute, they fit her fine and she likes them - win! Plus I cleared more of my stash out!


  1. what a gorgeous model. and they look terrific on her! Great idea with the phone pocket!

  2. Love the gorgeous red tie with the red piping - great idea on the pocket! Although for me I'd end up having a tissue in there which would be disaster come wash day! So no pockets for me. I'd be curious to know what type of fabric the red is? It holds the bow structure wonderfully :) I ordered this pattern yesterday, can't wait to get it now!

    1. I laughed about the tissue, I am absolutely terrible for doing that!
      The red fabric is just Prima quilting cotton from Spotlight :) Just watch red quilting cotton, I've found it does bleed a bit the first time or two that I wash it, so I use the colour catcher sheets from Woolworths to catch any excess but if you prewash you should be fine.

  3. This is so cute! And the pocket idea is genius!

  4. So cute!!! I totally love the pockets, and the splashes of red.

  5. Love those Jim Jams - that pocket is so cute.

  6. Just got my Tofino Pant pattern in the mail yesterday so happy to see your review. Thanks. Like your pocket addition - clever. Thanks.

  7. Lovely and clever with the pockets!