Sunday, November 25, 2012

Super Mario QAL: finished!

All finished!

The details;

  • All material is Prima quilting cotton from Spotlight and the wadding is low loft Bamboo also from Spotlight.
  • The blocks are from Cut to Pieces Mario quilt-along and I constructed them using a thin interfacing method from here .
  • Quilting is an allover loopy free motion stitch using a light grey cotton thread.

I found it pretty painstaking, cutting the interfacing apart so I could iron the seams open and flat took forever! But I am really happy with how it looks and I have all the materials to make another one for me.....maybe next year sometime!

Its an early Christmas present for my son who is a huge Mario fan (gets it from me, I still have the original Super Nintendo and games from the 1990's and the only computer game I play now is the Mario galaxy games :)


  1. Gosh, that looks awesome. It does seem that your son is a bit of a fan based on the pictures of him. Is this for his bed?

    1. Yep its for his bed, it ended up about 2mx2m so it will hang down on each side but at least when he gets older and has a double/queen size bed it will still fit! He was a massive Mario fan a couple of years ago, now its all about Lego Ninjago (he spent today running around with a tshirt on his head being a ninja, lol), but he still loves Mario too :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thankyou! Now I need to work out how to make a tardis quilt for my daughter, how cool would that be!

  3. Another great quilt - what kid wouldn't love that? Great job.

  4. Your quilt is sooo one of my favorites. I just adore how it turned out. Thanks for playing along!

  5. Lovely.. I am sure Ben is on top of the moon... Great job...