Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jalie 2445: Fleece trackpants

Not very glamorous or very exciting but you cannot beat a comfy warm pair of fleece trackpants when the weather is getting colder. I wore them all day today (excuse the wrinkles and bits of thread all over them!) and they were the ultimate comfy trackie dacks.

I have an old pair of Bonds trackpants that I use for painting now but they are a very similar pant so I copied the pockets from them. They are an inseam pocket with the back fleece and the front a thinner interlock to cut down on bulk and they have the top of the pockets sewn into the waistband.

I should have interfaced the pocket opening because they really started to stretch/stand out out so I unpicked some of the topstitching and threaded through elastic and restitched the ends. It makes them look a bit buckled when lying flat but make them sit nice and flat against my legs when I'm wearing them.

The pattern says to use self fabric for the waistband but again I copied my old Bonds ones and used ribbing, left off the tie and added elastic.

I got the fleece from Lincraft (they had a big fleece sale this week). I've never gotten fleece from there before so I'm not sure how it will wear but I figure fleece is pretty indestructible.

I went up a size or two because the fleece isn't overly stretchy and cut a sz EE. I used my pants block to adjust them, I had to increase the back rise but that was it on the back pattern piece and the front had some added to the sides and the waistband sides raised up too plus I had to scoop out the crotch more. The original fit was exactly the same as my old Bonds ones but they always drove me nuts because of how low they were! They are a pretty wide, straight leg pant not really what I'd class as a yoga pant but maybe if you made them from a stretchier fabric they would be.

The pattern is OOP now, but you can get it as a download from here


  1. Perfect for winter, nothing beats good fleece trousers.

  2. Your pants look wonderful and warm. Definitely something we need during the Australian winter (you do live in Australia?) you mentioned you have a pants block pattern. Did you make that yourself and if so how did you go about it?

    1. Hi Ozviking, yep I live down in SA and its been getting cold!
      I had Steph at 3 Hours Past blog help me with my pants block last year, I'm not sure if she's offering it anymore since she started Cake Patterns though. It wasn't an overly hard process, a few muslins and some tweaking. I keep meaning to put a blog post up on how to use a pants block but just haven't got to it yet. It really is such a helpful time saver if you make pants though, really worth having one.

  3. Oh that looks so comfy and warm. Just what is needed in weather like this. Great job.

  4. Hi Suzy,
    Your pants look so comfy and the fit is fantastic.
    The link to the OOP Jalie website is awesome.