Tuesday, August 7, 2012

McCalls 6611 plus a giveaway

I can honestly say I hate this jacket so much I can't even stand to look at it right now!
So the fitting and adjustments - I did a paper fitting - I ended up making a sz20 with a 1.5" FBA, 1" back width and a 1.5" upper arm adjustment. It all went together ok until I realised that the waist was hitting me way too low and that I needed a pretty major narrow shoulder adjustment. Now this is where the hatred comes in - after all the sewing I've been doing this last year or so, I've never had to do a narrow shoulder adjustment and its extremely rare for me to have to change the waist height. I took out nearly 2" in length to get the waist hitting me where it should and I took out nearly 1" for the narrow shoulders.....then I tried to install the sleeves which are a one piece sleeve for starters and have over 2" to ease in even though the pattern drawings show them fitting in smoothly....Grrrrr, I still think the sleeves and armscyes fit so atrociously it makes me angry looking at the damn jacket.

I think if I'd done a proper muslin I could have caught it easier and I would have used a better drafted 2 piece sleeve instead of the standard one piece.
The only thing I do like about it is the fabric which was out of my stash - its some stretch polyester stuff thats like a velour on one side and satiny on the other. I used the velour as the outer and the satin side up for the lining.

I added a hook and eye at the front as well

So does anyone want this pattern? Leave me a comment if you do, I'll pick a random comment if more than one person wants it and I'll post it internationally, just please someone take it!!


The winner of the pattern is Sew Busy Lizzy! I've left a message on your blog :)


  1. Hey Suzy, when I first looked at the first picture I thought - wow - how great - Suzy must be pleased (guess I should have looked at the face - not pleased at all!) Now that I have read through and looked at the pictures closer I can see what you mean by armscyes problem. It is a sham because the jacket is really quite beautiful and suits you. Perhaps when you put it away and let the resentment ease you might consider making another........

  2. This is extremely unusual for you to have such 'daggers in the eyes' toward a garment you make! Scares me off this pattern if you can't nail it. My only suggestion is, because this fabric colour looks good on you, can you snip the sleeves off and make a vesty type thing??? The lapels look well made and sit well, the front length looks fine, and the back peplum is 'in'. Take off the sleeves and then get a little creative with the armhole shape and see what happens...

  3. Hi Suzy, what a shame! You've done a lovely job of the sewing and the colour and overall style of the jacket really suits you!! I love the fabric too!! I'll happily take the pattern off your hands if it would quell your frustration! I'm sure your next piece will be gorgeous.

  4. I had been tempted by this pattern but you are scaring me - now I'm curious to try it LOL clearly I'm a sucker for punishment.

  5. I wondered how the Fashion Star patterns would work out. I remember that jacket from the show and I have to say I like it now that you've made it (didn't care for the ones on the runway). Sorry to hear that you had issues with it. I'll take the pattern off your hands:)

  6. Hi! I'm here from Pattern Review. I think this jacket looks great! I love the color and texture of the fabric. I am new to sewing, and one of my biggest frustrations so far is the mounds of excess sleeve ease in patterns, ugh.

    I like the kitty, too. :)

  7. the shoulder / sleeve problem might be at least partially solved by inserting a small shoulder pad, extending slightly beyond the seamline. sometimes that fills up some of that extra 'ease'.

    that's such a lovely color and such wonderful work that it's a shame that you're so unhappy with it.
    i'd write a sharp letter of complaint directly to the marketing department detailing the problems you ran into.