Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bits and Pieces

  • My sewing mojo has totally disappear for the last few months - however I've promised to make my Mum a dress - she has a party to go to and wants a viking/medieval dress and I happened to have this one in the stash so I'm hoping it might kickstart me a bit

  • More sewing for others - My daughters best friend wants a tinkerbell outfit so am thinking of this burda pattern if I add width to the skirt and the points to the skirt hem.

  • Had a great time in Japan, absolutely loved it over there. Went to the Nippori fabric district, got overwhelmed in Tomato and went into the tiny shop next door and bought some awesome fabric.
  • We both did the karate seminar in Tokyo and my Husband competed at the Goju kai comp the next day
  • Am swapping rooms with my daughter in a couple weeks - she is moving into my back shed sewing room and I'll be having her inside room. I'll be sad to leave my shed but will be nice sewing with the kittens again (we don't let them outside after my boy cat was hit by a car).


  1. Hi... I'm glad to hear you back. I was just thinking of you yesterday and here you are.
    Hopefully the sewjo will come back with that costume... maybe summer?

  2. Fun stuff! I sew cosplay things for my daughter and SIL as well. It's different and there are finally lots of costume patterns for hacking and so on. Jealous of your trip!