Monday, September 22, 2014

Vogue 1247: Denim Skirt

I feel like I'm the last person to make this pattern up - I've admired the skirt on so many of my favourite bloggers and finally picked up the pattern when Spotlight did one of their very rare $5 pattern sales.

The pattern goes up to a sz 18 (38-32-42), so I had to grade up about 8" - I did a really simple grade by just adding 2" to each of  the side seams. This made the pockets a bit too close together at the front so I widened them to make it look balanced. Lengthened it by about 4"

I took a wedge out of the front length for my tilted waist. Not sure if I should have taken more out or changed the front darts a bit though because it bunches up when I wear it over leggings, can't see it if I wear my top untucked though.

This is my second version of this skirt - first version was a lovely ikat cotton, it was just too thin though and didn't sit right. The fabric here is a medium weight denim I picked up from a clearing sale. Its lovely and soft, and I used hug and snug binding to do the seams inside.

Its a lot shorter than I'd usually wear a skirt, but since I normally wear skirts over leggings I thought I'd challenge myself!


  1. It's looks awesome on you and sewed up so well! :) The inside is so gorgeous with the snug binding.

  2. Yours is such a cute skirt! Love it over the leggings!!!

  3. Very cute and well made, Suzy!

  4. Lovely! You've encouraged me with this one...I've had the pattern forever and have wanted to make both the skirt and top, but have let myself get sidelined by the grading up. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  5. That's a fantastic skirt! It would be on high rotation at my place.

    Interesting what you say about taking a wedge out - I've just had waist fitting issues with a skirt that I just blogged (which I addressed in another, and not so perfect, way) but I will have to look into the wedge removal option for the next 9193!